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Best Backyard Chicken Breeds

chicken breedsPicking the best backyard chicken breeds can be difficult to do.  Many first time chicken owners are surprised and overwhelmed when they look through a chicken catalogue for the very first time.

Anyone that has ever looked through a catalogue knows that there are hundreds of different types of chicken breeds to pick from. Deciding which chickens are the best backyard chicken breeds can be subjective and cause a few arguments.  But there is no denying that several breeds are more popular than others and they are definite standouts among chicken breeds.

When you are looking for a breed of chicken, be sure to know what you want it for.  In other words, are looking for the best backyard chicken breeds
that are outstanding egg layers, are great meat birds or do you want chicken breeds that are considered dual purpose birds?  That will help you to narrow down the number of breeds you need to consider and the task won’t  be so overwhelming. Best Backyard Chicken Breeds

Best Backyard Chicken Breeds – Top 5 Breeds

The Jersey Giant:  The Jersey Giant is well named as it is by large one of the largest breed around.  It can weigh up to a whopping 13 pounds. They are one of the best backyard chicken breeds available for anyone that wants to raise chickens for meat. They come in several varieties and are all about the same size.

The Plymouth Rock: The Plymouth Rock is definitely one of the best backyard chicken breeds around.  This breed of chicken can be found in several varieties, the most popular varieties are barred and white — is a calm, sweet breed that is very friendly and is a sturdy chicken that is a great bird to start with. This breed is hefty at up to 9.5 pounds, which makes them excellent meat birds. They lay brown eggs.  As they are good meat birds and good laying birds, they are labeled a dual-purpose breed, which means that it is a breed that can be used for either meat or egg production.

The Rhode Island Red: The Rhode Island Red is a rust-colored chicken breed that is very popular and is commonly found in backyards.  This chicken breed is not as stout or large as the Plymouth Rock, but they are also considered to be a dual-purpose breed and lays brown eggs.

The Leghorn: The Leghorn is hands down one of the best backyard chicken breeds for anyone that is keeping chickens just for their eggs. They are originally from Italy and were specifically bred to be the best egg layer of any other chicken breed.  This breed tends to be a little more excitable than some other breeds.

Ameracaunas:  Ameracaunas are one of the best backyard chicken breeds if you want chickens that lay blue colored eggs.  They are beautiful birds that have cute fluffy feathers around their heads.  The are best used as egg layers and are good as a pet bird as well.  They do not make a good meat bird.

The best backyard chicken breeds listed are just a few of the favorites around. Unless you intend to become a serious chicken farmer, there are many others that may suit your needs just fine and may work out best for you and your family.  Not everyone is concerned with egg production or meat.  Many chicken breeds are very unique looking and will add a unique flair to your flock.  Each will become a beloved member of your flock.

Best Backyard Chicken Breeds

Best Backyard Chicken Breeds

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Best Backyard Chicken Breeds

Best Backyard Chicken Breeds

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Poultry – Consider Raising Bantam Chickens

Raising bantam chickens is something you consider if you are thinking about keeping a flock of chickens in your backyard.  They are one of the best backyard chicken breeds to raise if you want to raise chickens that are smaller in size.

Size Matters With Backyard ChickensBantam Chicken

The great thing about raising bantam chickens is that they are a lot smaller than other chicken breeds which means they need less room than your average chicken.  You can usually keep 2 or 3 bantams in the same space that you would need for one larger chicken. Because they are smaller, they also cost less to feed.

Be warned though, because while all chickens can “fly” to some degree, the bantam chicken can fly a lot better due to it’s small size. So, unless you want your small chickens to be roaming about, they will need a fully enclosed pen.

While the smaller size of the Bantam makes them a popular choice to keep in your backyard, it can be a drawback too.  Because these small fowl only weigh a fraction of what a larger fowl bird does, they are much easier for smaller predators, like crows and other small birds to take. It is essential that they have a safe enclosure to keep them safe from these types of animals that would kill them.

Mix and Match Your Flock

They come in a variety of colors and fancy feathers.  They are very curious and friendly which is a major consideration if you want backyard chickens that will interact with your family. You can add a few bantams to your flock of larger chickens too without any problems.  Raising bantam chickens can provide great variety in your backyard flock.

The bottom line is that before you buy any chickens for your backyard, know what you want them for. If you want a lot of eggs, then the bantam chicken is probably not for you.  If you are looking for a lively, fun backyard pet, then raising bantam chickens is a great idea!

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