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Are you raising backyard poultry and are wondering about egg production in poultry?  Well you are not alone.  Chicken forums are full of questions about egg production in poultry and what is normal.

  • How do you know if there is a problem?
  • Are my hens producing the right amount of eggs?
  • Why are my hens not laying eggs right now?
  • Can I increase egg production in my hens?

These questions are all normal.  Generally speaking, as long as your hens are still clucking about happily pecking and scratching and they look healthy, their egg production is probably normal.  A sick hen will not be active, will look listless and will not eat or drink very well if at all.  These are all signs of a problem.

Egg production in poultry varies due to the age of the hens, whether or not they are moulting and how hot or cold it is outside.  You will see a drop in your egg production in poultry when it is very hot or cold outside, once your hens are more than two years old and if they are moulting.

Right at this very moment, it is August and in Kentucky we are having a heat wave.  I have 14 older hens and I was getting from 4-7 eggs a day until last week.  Now all of a sudden, I’m only getting from 1-3 eggs a day.  That is completely normal and I wouldn’t be surprised if I got no eggs one day.  I have 8 young pullets that will pick up the slack next year when they start laying since my older hens don’t lay an egg every day.  I have one 9 year old hen that only lays 1-2 eggs every week.

If you want to increase egg production in your poultry, make sure that you feed them a high quality pelleted feed that you can find at your local feed store.  During the cold winter months, you can put a heat lamp in their chicken coop to keep them warm and they will lay a lot better.  In the summer, there really isn’t a lot you can do about the heat.

Also, if you really want more eggs, you will need to invest in a new group of pullets or young hens every single year.  The bottom line is that the older your hen is, the fewer eggs she will lay.  Young hens lay more eggs more often which will really boost your egg numbers.

Egg production in poultry will vary depending on the season and the age of your hens.  Unless you notice a health problem with your hens, your egg production is probably in the normal range.  To find out more about how to increase production in poultry, check this out.

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