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Chicken Hazards

Common Chicken Hazards That Can Result In Lost Birds

Whether you have decided to keep one or two chickens in your back yard or you have a flock of 30 or more plus birds, there are always chicken hazards that you need to think about.  Checking for chicken hazards in your back yard will save you from losing chickens unnecessarily.

If you only have a few birds, it can be devastating to lose even one of them.  Even if you have a large flock of hens, it is still sad to lose a bird if you could have prevented it.  I cannot tell you how many chickens that my friends and I have lost over the years.  Sometimes it was due to something unexpected that couldn’t be planned for and sometimes it was just bad luck.  Chicken hazards that are left unfixed can lead to the loss of several of your beloved birds every year.

Predator control is one of the top chicken hazards you must address.  Predators like dogs, cats, raptors, raccoons, possums and foxes just to name a few, can decimate your chicken flock in no time flat.  The areas that you keep your chickens in must be securely fenced and predator proof.  If your chickens don’t free range, you need to do daily checks on the fencing to make sure that nothing has dug under or has chewed through the fencing or the chicken coop.

A fox can decimate your entire flock in under five minutes just because they love the chase.

Gates that are not properly secured are common chicken hazards.  Check out your gates and make sure that they all close securely.  Many gates are loose at the bottom and it is possible for a predator to squeeze through and get to your flock.  Gates can also be dug under so you may want to bury some wire or some rocks in these areas to help keep your chickens secure.

If you have free range chickens, you are going to have some losses no matter what you do.  One of the best things you can do is to fence your free range chicken area with a small mesh fence or chain link fencing.  This will help keep some of the predators out.  The most effective thing I ever did was to plant tall grasses and ever green bushes to provide cover for the birds year round.  I lost a lot fewer birds by doing this one simple thing.

Make sure that common chicken hazards like water buckets and ponds are not in your bird area.  I recently had a rooster drown in a water trough that I had put out for my horses.  The poor guy must have perched on the edge of the trough and fallen in.  Unfortunately, hens and roosters can’t swim.


Keeping backyard chickens can be so much fun but I hate it when I lose a chicken to a common chicken hazard that I could have prevented.  You can get more tips on chicken keeping, worming and different chicken breeds by CLICKING HERE.

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