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Chicken Hatchery – What Is A Chicken Hatchery?

The word “Chicken Hatchery” is bandied around a lot but I have found that not everyone knows what that is.  A chicken hatchery is a company that hatches chicks in incubators in large numbers to sell to the public.  

Chicken hatcheries are big business in the United States and they hatch millions of chicks.  The hatch and ship millions of baby chicks to chicken batteries and backyard chicken enthusiasts every single year.  There are a lot of horror stories related to the chick producing business but it is still by far the most popular place to purchase chicks online.

Why would you consider buying baby chicks from a chicken hatchery?  Well, there are several reasons to consider.

  • 1. There is a large number of chicken breeds to pick from.
  • 2. Day old babies will be vaccinated for common chicken diseases.
  • 3. Large numbers of chickens can be bought.
  • 4. There is a a discount if you buy larger quantities.
  • 5. They can be very accurately sexed so you get mostly hens which is a huge advantage when buying from a hatchery.

But, there are several other things to consider as well before you buy chicks from a chicken hatchery.

  • 1. The hatchery will ship directly to you so you need to home when they arrive.  If the post office cannot locate you or there is a dely in picking them up, they may die.
  • 2. Ideal weather is a must because if it is either too hot or too cold, they will die.
  • 3. Many people find the process used to hatch the chicks to be distasteful.  There is also the matter of most of the male hatchlings being “disposed of” as they have almost no market value.

There is no doubt that buying from a chicken hatchery is the most popular way to buy chickens for your flock these days. But, what do you do if you don’t want to buy from a hatchery?  What other options do you have?

One of the best ways to find young chickens in your area is to check out Craigs List.  I have found that I can find a variety of chicken breeds this way.  You can also check out towns or cities that are within driving range to find more selection.  One of the biggest problems you may have with buying chicks this way is that there is no way to know for sure that you are getting pure bred chicks.  If this is important to you, then this is not the way to buy your chicks.

You can also check out local feed and tack stores in the spring.  Many times they have several different types of babies for sale.  You can also check online forums and see if anyone in your area is offering any for sale.

Remember, you don’t have to buy your chicks from a chicken hatchery.  It may take a little more time and effort to find them locally, but you may find it more rewarding.

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