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Maybe your dog is sick or your cat is sick. Does it make you feel helpless and frustrated? It can be a lonely and challenging situation. Maybe you have a sick kitten or a sick puppy. This can be even more difficult when they look at you with those pitiful and longing eyes, almost pleading, “Help me”.

1. Learn what you are feeding your dog or cat

Is what we are feeding our cats and dogs causing us to have sick dogs and sick cats?  Who would have thought  that maybe what we feed our dog or cat can actually make our dog sick or our cat sick? 

In reading the back of some dog and cat food labels, you can see “meat products” listed.  These “meat products” can include:  connective tissue (gristle), poultry feather meal, leather meal (like shoes and belts are made from), fecal waste from chickens and other animals, hair from cows, and hair from horses.  How nutritious is that for our pets anyway?

Another consideration in looking at the food is the biological value of the food and how well is it absorbed.  Those things definitely have a huge impact in the short term and long term well being of your pet.  These two factors alone can cause dogs to be sick or our cats to be sick.

2. Change what you are feeding your pet.

If your dog is sick or puppy is sick, I hope you will being to educate yourself about how a dietary change can help them get better.  What if your kitten is sick or your cat is sick?  These tips can help you too.

When you learn more of the value of making your pet’s food and the health benefits for your pet, you will be very impressed.  Veterinarians who teach their clients about the value of feeding your pet a fresher, more natural diet report some amazing stories of healing for the pets. 

Here is one example:  (Names have been changed to protect privacy.)  Sally was a dog 8 years old whose health had been declining for two years.  She had foul breath, dull eyes, and very little energy.  After changing her diet from dry and canned dog food, she no longer had bad breath, her eyes are shining again, and she “prances around like a puppy”.

3. Help your pet make the switch to the natural, healthier diet.

You can make a gradual transition, which allows the pet’s digestive tract to adjust to the new foods. You may want to begin with feeding the new food once a day for several days.  Another approach could be to have them fast for a few days.  This may be especially useful for those whose cats are very finicky eaters.  This time without food  can help your pet have a greater appreciation for the food, and the better advantage is that the time without food can actually help cleanse toxins from the body.

In conclusion, these are some “first steps” you can take to help your sick dogs or sick cats, or even your sick kittens, and sick puppies. Watch for more information on this subject.

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