How To Clip Your Chicken’s Wings


How To Clip Your Chicken’s Wings

 how to clip chicken wings

I am often asked why I clip the wings of my chickens.  Many people that visit just after I have clipped the wings of over 40 chickens are horrified by the number of feathers lying around.  But, the sad fact is that chickens that refuse to stay put behind the fence that is there to protect them usually end up getting killed.  Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of losing chickens, sometimes several a week, so I have started clipping their wings.

To here them scream, you would think I was chopping off a leg, but when it is done properly, the chickens don’t feel a thing, they are not injured and there is usually little or no blood.  That being said, accidentally clip a “blood feather” and your bird could bleed to death very quickly.

You don’t have to clip everything including the actual wings with muscles, bones, veins and all. The only part that is needed to clip is the ones with the feathers. Long primary feathers. For first timers, ask for assistance from someone who knows how because if you don’t, things might get messy between you and your chicken.

Clipping chicken wings may be inconvenient and needs caution but it is the best way to outsmart your chickens. If done correctly, you can take away the balance and flight coordination thus making them want to stay even if they are against it.

There are pointers to know on how to properly clip a chicken’s wings but first, you have to organize the things you’ll need.

1.Sharp scissors with a rounded tip.
3.Used towel
4.First Aid Kit
5.Your vet’s number

Procedure For Clipping Wings:

a. Look at your birds and figure out who needs to be done.  You will usually know who is hopping the fence to freedom so start with that particular hen.  Now comes the fun part: time to catch her. The perfect candidate for wind clipping is the chicken that has her wings growing very prominently. Usually these are the chickens you see who fly proudly above other birds. Catch the bird by the feet and hold her upside down. This is the best way of hang onto her and it will keep her calm.

b. Hold the chicken by the legs and support the body by holding her underneath using the palm of your hands to stop her wriggling. Use the towel to wrap it around your chicken’s body to avoid any unnecessary movements. Leave either the left or the right part of her wings free.

c. Spread the wing displaying the entire feather section that needs cutting. The feathers must be the primary ones. From the tip of the longest wing feather, estimate at least 5 inches then start cutting at that point. Use very sharp scissors so that the process will not be that agonizing for your chicken to take.

d. You know you’re done if you see that the clipped wings are already on ground and the remaining ones are aligned in proportion. In cases of mistakes, mistakes that made your chicken bleed profusely, either call the vet and ask for an advice or rush her to the nearest animal clinic for treatment.


You can watch the video below to get a better idea of how to do this yourself.

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