6 Reason Why Keeping Chickens Is A Great Idea


Why Keep ChickensWhy Keep Chickens?

I ask “Why not?

Are you one of the millions of people who want to learn how to raise your own chickens in your backyard?  Obviously, you are not alone.

There are a lot of people who already keep backyard chickens or who are considering getting some chickens.


Many people start raising chickens to make money but there are several reasons to raise chickens.

1. Fresh Eggs: The main reason that people get chickens is for fresh eggs.  Have you ever experience the excitement that comes from picking up a freshly laid egg out of a nest?  It is so much fun!  Even after all these years, I still get a rush when I go out to collect eggs.  There is just nothing like seeing them laying there in the nests and picking up a warm egg.  Fresh eggs are the best eggs that you will ever eat and you will be hard pressed to ever eat another store bought egg.


2. Fresh Meat:  Many people raise chickens for their meat as well.  There are certain breeds of chickens that are raised just for this purpose and again, there is nothing like eating meat from an animal that you raised.  You know exactly how it was treated and what it ate.


3.  Pest Control:  Did you know that chickens will enthusiastically chase and consume any and all bugs that they see?  It is hilarious to watch several of them chase a bug around the yard, sometimes hopping into the air and squabbling with each other for this treat.  That means less bugs to eat you, your flowers and your garden.


4.  Learning Opportunity:  Most kids have never seen a live chicken up close and personal. It is a great way for them to learn about animals and where their food comes from. Chickens are different from the other types of pets like dogs, cats, fish, etc. that most kids are raised with. Raising chickens allows them to see an animal that really contributes to the family from bug control, to fertilziing the yard to providing eggs for the family to use.


5.  Fun Pet:  Chickens can be a fun pet when raised right. My chickens run to us when we are in the back yard, they hang out with us when we sit out there and they allow us to hold them. While dogs and cats are great, there is nothing like walking into your yard and having a flock of chickens run to you. It is a great feeling and it’s fun to watch.


6.  Make Money:  The average person that keeps a flock of chickens isn’t out to make money by keeping chickens, but it is not impossible.  You can make money keeping backyard chickens if you have the right business model.  Check this out to find out exactly how you can enjoy chickens but also make money from them.

They also have the great benefit of providing eggs for you and your family to eat. You really can’t go wrong with a flock of chickens in your back yard.   Chickens don’t require a lot of room and after the initial setup, they are not expensive to maintain. Keeping a few egg laying hens in your backyard can provide you will enough fresh eggs to keep you and your family going. The yolks of fresh eggs are brighter in color, taste a lot better and are more nutritious than store bought eggs. Once you eat a fresh laid egg, you will never go back to store bought eggs ever again. Plus you have the pleasure of watching your hens scratch around in your back yard and you know they are being humanely treated.

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