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Buy A Chicken Coop Online

Chicken coop bought online

Raising chickens in  your backyard can be a fun and exciting venture.  I have been keeping chickens in my yard for years now and I still get a thrill every year when the new chicks start arriving.  They are just so darn cute!  All of my chicken coops to date have been either made by a contractor or bought locally.  But, I ended up needing a new coop pretty quickly and decided to take a chance and buy a chicken coop online.

The selection of online chickens coops is pretty overwhelming to say the least.  I did some general online searches and ended up at Amazon just because they have a huge selection of chicken coops that can be purchased online and then be shipped directly to your house.

The reason that I needed a coop so quickly is that I ended up taking in a batch of chicks that were mailed to the post office and they couldn’t figure out where to deliver them to. These poor baby chicks were sitting in the post office still in their box and had no where to go.  So, their journey finally ended at my house and because there were already two batches of young chicks that were different ages occupying my other coops and these chicks were way to young to be put with them, I needed somewhere to house them once they outgrew their little water trough that I start all of my baby chicks in.

Advantages Of Buying An Online Chicken Coop

Lots of selection to pick from.

Quick and easy to buy.

Delivered right to my driveway!


Disadvantages to Buying A Chicken Coop Online

I couldn’t see it, feel it, touch it before a chicken coop online

Assembly was required – by me!

A little more costly than having it built locally.


The chicken coop that I chose online was one of the more expensive models but it turned out to be exactly what I needed to house my chicks for a few months.  It was sturdy enough to protect the new chicks from other critters and the elements.  There were several models that were cheaper but I have found that they are really too small to hold more than a few chickens.  Chicks grow very fast and there were 16 chicks that survived and I didn’t want them to be crammed in a space that was too small once they started getting bigger.  There is no way to keep that many chickens in it once they are full grown.  This bigger model provides enough room for the chicks to move around when they are smaller. It also gives my free ranging chickens time to observe the newbies and accept them long before I ever turn them all loose together.

Keep in mind that I am fairly mechanical and I can follow directions well enough to assemble most anything. Unpacking the darn thing was a pain and it took some time to get organized enough to actually start putting it together.  The directions were decent and along with some common sense I had it together in a couple of hours. It does require at least two sets of hands so I did enlist the help of a friend of mine. My 13 year old niece was also on hand to hand tools to use and hold pieces in place while we secured them. If you don’t have the skill, time, patience or tools to tackle this project, then be sure you line up someone ahead of time.  I have found that lots of pizza and some beers can be helpful!

economical chicken coop

Economical chicken coop

There are a lot of different designs, colors and sizes available online.  There are many cheaper chicken coops that are more affordable if your budget isn’t very big.  But, the smaller coops will only comfortably hold anywhere from 3 to 6 hens so keep that in mind.  When I first started keeping backyard chickens, my plan was to only have 6 but I now have more than 40 hens and 2 roosters!

The one problem that I had with it is that the latches are not very strong.  My friend had an incident recently where she lost several chicks because the latches were a piece of cake for a raccoon to flip open and gain access to the chicken coop. I always re-enforce these latches for my own peace of my and the safety of these innocent little babies.

It is also very important to somehow secure these chicken coops to the ground. A determined chicken predator can easily dig under these structures and gain access.  The cheapest and easiest way to secure these is to put a wire apron around the bottom and cover it will either some dirt or sand.  Personally, I always extend the apron out a foot.  That way the predator will dig and dig but won’t be able to get through the wire and tunnel under the hen house.  The apron is also secured with “U” clips or pins so that it is even more secure.

Buying an online chicken coop can be a great option if you don’t have want to hire a contractor to build your own.  It’s easy, convenient and pretty much fool proof.


See great chicken coops that you can buy online here.


Buy A Chicken Coop Online PDF

Buy A Chicken Coop Online PDF

Buy A Chicken Coop Online

Buy A Chicken Coop Online Download


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