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Predator Protection – Chicken Coop Predators

Predator protection from chicken coop predators is imperative as your backyard chickens could end up as dinner to any number of predators roaming around your property looking for an easy meal.  It is not something that any of us want to think about but there are many chicken coop predators that would love to have our chickens for dinner.  Chickens are cute, are fun to watch and lay great tasting eggs, but they cannot protect themselves at all.

Predator Protection

The main defense in predator protection is always the chicken coop and chicken run. Most predators prowl around at night looking for food and sleeping chickens are easy to kill if they can get to them.  A sturdy structure that is not easy for a predator to gain access to will help ensure that your chickens live to see morning.

A strong chicken run is a must if you do not allow your chickens to free range. You need to inspect it often to ensure that there are not gaps or tears anywhere. Chicken coop predators do not give up easily and they could be working on making a hole in your wire or digging a hole underneath for days at a time.  Constant vigilance is a must to protect your flock.

Chicken Coop Predators

Chicken coop predators come in all shapes and sizes.  Unfortunately, backyard chickens are not equipped to defend themselves at all and they are very easy to kill.  There are what I call “domestic” predators like dogs and cats, possibly your own pets, that love to chase and kill.  One of my dogs has been impossible to train not to chase my girls so he is not allowed anywhere near them.  I lost several of my birds one year to a stray feral cat.  I ended up trapping him, having him fixed and found him a new home.

Other common chicken coop predators are raccoons, possums, foxes, large birds and any other four footed animal that may roam your area.  Raccoons are a particular problem in my area and they are a huge problem because they don’t scare away as easily.

Chicken Fencing

Chickens that free range especially need predator protection which can be difficult.  I have fenced my entire back yard with heavy duty wiring secured to four board fencing.  This helps keep the neighbor’s dogs out of my yard which is important since one of them kept attacking my chickens before I installed the wire fencing.

LandscapingPredator Protection

I have also provided heavily landscaped areas strategically around my yard using large grasses and grouping plants together.  This not only provides needed shade for my flock but allows them to take cover from an assault from above. Since they tend to lay around under the plants during the day, they are impossible to see from above as well.

Solar Nite Eyes

Predator protection has risen to a new level at my house since I discovered a solar powered unit that has flashing lights that are activated by movement at night. Predators are very aware of their environment and want to hunt undetected.  This unit is great because it makes them feel threatened and they leave the area.

I started off with four units because I have three chicken coops in use but ended up adding two more to provide good coverage and better predator protection at night.  The solar nite eyes have worked great so far.  I have a real problem with raccoons attempting to break in and get my chickens. They haven’t been successful in a long time but that doesn’t mean they don’t keep trying!  Since I installed the solar nite eyes, I haven’t seen any raccoon tracks around my chicken coops or runs.

They are relatively inexpensive at $23.49 for a single unit (at this time) and are easy to use.  They are well worth the money and allow me to sleep better at night.  I love them and they are just one more way for me to provide stellar protection from predators for my chickens.

Check out the Predator Protection Nite Eyes for yourself below!

Solar nite eyes single pack =>Nite Guard Solar NG-001 Predator Control Light, Single Pack
Solar nite eyes double pack =>Solar Predator Protection Nite Eyes 2 Pack

Solar nite eyes four pack => Solar Predator Protection Nite Eyes 4 Pack



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