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 Problems Related To Raising Backyard Chickens – Rats


Many people that have backyards chickens will have issues with mice or rats.  They can be a huge problem when you have any type of farm animal like backyard chickens, rabbits or even goats.

Raising backyard chickens is not that complicated but the majority of people don’t stop and think about the pests that you might draw when you acquire your new chicken flock.  You might ask, “What are you talking about?”  I am talking about RATS!  Rats can be a huge problem when you have backyard chickens.

Think about it.  Your chickens need food and you have to store that food somewhere.  Given that chicken feed comes in 50 pound bags, most people opt to keep their chicken feed close to the chicken coop for convenience.  Rats can smell a potential food source from very far away and can become a huge problem without proper planning.  Rats are ugly to look at and gross most people out.  But the biggest problem is that they carry diseases that can be transmitted to your flock and you.  Given their small size, they also have very little trouble accessing their chosen food source.  They can chew threw many types of material to gain access and they don’t give up easily!

Securing your food storage:

You should ensure that all your chicken feed are secured in a container that pests such as rats, other vermin, or even insects would not be able to go to. You can do this by purchasing an airtight container that you should always try to close when not in use. I personally like to use large aluminum garbage cans.  They cannot be chewed through light plastic or rubber garbage can and you can use a rope or bungee cord to help secure the lid to the handles on the sides.


Chicken are messy animals and it seems like I am always cleaning up their messes.  They are not neat eaters and tend to fling food everywhere.  I rake up the old feed once a week and throw it away so that it doesn’t attract mice and rats.

Be sure to properly secure the entire coop to help stop rats from setting up house and raising a family.  Make sure your fencing is buried at least a foot underground to help discourage rats from digging underneath and building a nest under the chicken coop.  Rats are usually big enough that they are a little easier to keep out than mice.

Rats and chickens seem to go hand in hand but they don’t have to.  You know what they say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  Don’t create a hospitable environments for rats and they will not set up house with your chickens.

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Rats and Backyard Chickens

Rats and Backyard Chickens

Problems Related To Backyard Chickens – Rats WORD Doc


Rats and Backyard Chickens PDF

Rats and Backyard Chickens PDF

Problems Related To Backyard Chickens PDF

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